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BraunOni developed the complete website and the underlying compex e-commerce system in-house.

Briefly summarized the system contains the following functionality:


The webshop is accessible on dozens of domains (,,, etc.) in more than 20 different languages. The system has been designed for this purpose and has extensive functionality to manage the content in all these languages.


On BatteryUpgrade batteries are sold for tens of thousands of different devices. A special module has been developed to administer the compatibility of products. This makes it very clear and easy for the customer to find the products they are searching.


For business customers we have a separate system in which we can define different price models per customer. A business customer can place his own orders and see directly what the total amount will be after reductions are deducted. Furthermore this system supports the possibility to buy on account for a per-customer defined limit. For the business system a balance for all customers can be generated in administrative backend system.


Many processes within the BatteryUpgrade webshop are completely automated. Visitors can place orders and fulfil the payment directly online. Payments are automatically processed via links with the payment provider systems. Status emails are sent to customers automatically. Subsequently the BatteryUpgrade system informs our suppliers on which order need to be send to which customer.

Process support

On a daily basis, BatteryUpgrade faces many questions from its customers via email. As these emails are loaded into our system and are linked to customer and order data. Via this method, BatteryUpgrade’s helpdesk employees are guided through the system and they can see all information needed to reply to these questions in one overview. Furthermore an employee is supported in answering by a semi-automated generated reply email, based on the data in the system.
Often, a small modification is the only thing that has to be done before an employee can send out a generated email. Besides this, an employee can start up a process, that can be continued at a later time by another employee, without further internal consultation. This could be a RMA which can be generated within a few clicks, combined with the sending of an email to a customer. A few days later another employee collects the products and continues the RMA process.


The full administrative backend of our system supports keeping track of all revenue and costs. Based on this data, extended management reports can be generated. It is also possible to export data which forms a base for accountancy and declaration at the tax agency.

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